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GentleGlide - Creme de Barbear Masculino by UniBARBA

GentleGlide - Creme de Barbear Masculino by UniBARBA

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Brand Name : ibcccndc

Origin : Mainland China

Number of Pieces : One Unit

NETWT : 49g

Model Number : shaving cream


Ingredient : shave cream foam

man beard shaving : mens shaving cream

Shaving Cream Men's Shaving Cream Gentle Refreshing Cleansing Softening Beard Shaving Cream Irritation

Product information
Name: shave cream
Brand: lakerain
Net content: 30g
Suitable for skin: all skin types
Shelf life: 3 years
Feature: makes the beard puffy, soft and easy to shave

How to use:
(1) Clean your face with facial cleanser and warm water, and apply a hot towel to the shaved area for 1-3 minutes;
(2) Squeeze shaving cream on your hands and rub your hands together, then apply shaving cream from bottom to top;
(3) shave with a razor along the direction of beard growth, so that the beard as a whole can be thin;
(4) After shaving the beard roughly, reverse the beard thoroughly shaved;
(5) Clean with clean water after shaving.

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