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HairVital Mini - Aplicador de Medicamentos e Massageador Capilar by UniBARBA

HairVital Mini - Aplicador de Medicamentos e Massageador Capilar by UniBARBA

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Brand Name : MOFAJIANG

Origin : Mainland China

Application : BODY

Size : Small

Model Number : 105484

Item Type : Massage & Relaxation

Choice : yes

Scalp Applicator Mini Head Massager Roller Brush Hair Growth Essential Oil Medicine Liquid Applicator Red Light Massage Comb


1. 625nm low-energy infrared light waves penetrate the subcutaneous hair follicle tissue layer, increase cell activity, activate hair follicles, and accelerate the absorption of medicinal solutions.

2. 10,000 times/min high-frequency micro-vibration deeply massages and relaxes the scalp, promotes blood circulation in the scalp, promotes the absorption of medicinal liquid, and awakens the vitality of the scalp.

3. IPX5 waterproof, super waterproof performance, support washing with water, easy to clean, keep it clean and hygienic.

4. This applicator is mini and portable, so you can take it with you wherever you go, ensuring you can take care of your hair and scalp anytime, anywhere.

Steps for Usage:

1. Without adding any medicinal solution, use pure red light to comb your hair and massage it for five minutes to activate hair follicle activity.

2. Add the required amount of medicine to the medicinal comb, and apply the medicine in circular motions on the scalp.

3. After applying the medicine, turn on the pure vibration mode and continue massaging for 5 minutes to promote full absorption of the medicine.

4. After use, the whole machine can be soaked and rinsed to prevent liquid crystallization from clogging the comb teeth.

Product Parameters:

  • Charging voltage: DC3.7V/1A

  • Battery capacity: 250mAh

  • Charging time: 2H

  • Use time: 2H

  • Net weight: 57g

  • Product size: 7.2*6.5*2.5cm

  • Packaging size: 13*10.5*3.4cm

Packing List:

  • 1* Medicine Applicator

  • 1* USB Charging Cable

  • 1* Chinese and English User Manual

  • 1* Packaging Box

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