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Carbon Comb Adaptable to the Straightening Board - for Hairdressers - by UniBARBA

Carbon Comb Adaptable to the Straightening Board - for Hairdressers - by UniBARBA

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General information:

Product Name: Carbon Comb Adaptable to Straightening Board for Hairdressers - UniBARBA

Product Description:

Discover the Revolution in Hair Style with the Carbon Comb for Hairdressers - UniBARBA

Welcome to the future of hair care with the UniBARBA Hairdressing Carbon Comb. This innovative comb, made from premium materials such as nylon and thickened plastic, is designed to adapt to the hot straightener and thus facilitate straightening and styling your hair, providing a professional and elegant finish. Become part of this revolution and see the difference in your hair!

Innovative Features of the UniBARBA Carbon Hairdressing Comb:

Premium and Durable Material:

  • Robust Construction: Nylon, a compression molded PPS material with carbon fiber, graphite, PTFE, 10% of each, for improved sliding and wear properties . The comb is sturdy and durable, not breaking easily even under intense use.
  • Straightening Accessory: Ideal for use with straightening irons, helping to detangle and style your hair without causing damage.

Professional Style with Ease:

  • Improved Control: This comb makes straightening hair easier, allowing better control when using styling tools.
  • Smooth Glide: The comb glides through your hair, leaving it smooth and smooth, as if it was styled by a professional.

Easy to Use and Portable:

  • Compact Design: Small and lightweight, it can be easily attached to the straightening iron to help detangle and style your hair as you straighten.
  • Practicality: A great alternative to traditional straighteners, which can leave hair dry and brittle.

Proven Benefits:

  • Perfect Straightening: Facilitates the straightening process, resulting in smooth, smooth hair.
  • No Damage: Provides gentle straightening without damaging the strands, preserving hair health.
  • Versatility: Can be used on different hair types, offering a professional finish.

Product Specifications:

Package Includes:

  • 1 Carbon Hairdressing Comb

Size: 9.3 x 3.4 cm

Instructions for use:

  1. Attachment to the straightener: Attach the comb to the straightening board.
  2. Smooth your hair: Use a straightener to straighten your hair while a comb helps detangle and align the strands.
  3. Modeling: Determine the model as desired.

Warnings and Precautions:

  • Measurements Accuracy: Data measurement is manual and there may be small variations.
  • Color Differences: Photos may vary in color due to lighting and shooting equipment. Consider the physical product as a reference.
  • Careful Handling: Handle with care to ensure product longevity.

Invest in Excellence:

Don't miss the chance to revolutionize your hair care routine. With the UniBARBA Hairdressing Carbon Comb, you will have straight hair faster, safer and more efficiently. Explore our collection of hair accessories now and discover the difference!

100% Satisfaction GUARANTEED or your money back.

Personal Opinion about the Product:

We tested the UniBARBA Hairdressing Carbon Comb and the results were impressive. This comb really makes the straightening process easier, providing a smooth, professional finish. The durability of the material and ease of use make this product an excellent addition to any hair care routine. Tested, approved and highly recommended!

Transform Your Hair Routine with the Hairdressing Carbon Comb

Don't miss the opportunity to experience the most advanced technology in hair styling. Purchase the Hairdressing Carbon Comb by UniBARBA today and start your journey to smoother, healthier and more beautiful hair. Your hair deserves the best.

UniBARBA where Price and Innovation meet Excellence!

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