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Octopus Claw Scalp Massager by UniBARBA

Octopus Claw Scalp Massager by UniBARBA

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General information:

Product Description: Experience Ultimate Relief with the Octopus Claw by UniBARBA Scalp Massager

Discover innovation in hair care and relaxation with the UniBARBA Octopus Claw Scalp Massager. This electric massager simulates realistic massage techniques, with 120 touch points that completely cover the head, promoting blood circulation, relaxing the scalp and relieving stress. With the combination of magnetic physiotherapy and infrared lamps, you will have a complete wellness and hair care experience. Transform your relaxation routine and feel the difference with UniBARBA.

Innovative Features of the UniBARBA Octopus Claw Scalp Massager:

Advanced Massage and Physiotherapy Technology:

  • 120 Massage Touch Points: Covers the head completely, simulating realistic massage techniques to promote blood circulation and relax the scalp.
  • Magnetic and Infrared Physiotherapy: Helps relieve headaches, dizziness, anxiety, improves sleep and reduces hair loss.
  • 6 Massage Modes and 3 Intensity Levels: Customize your massage experience for maximum comfort and relaxation.

Premium and Comfortable Design:

  • High Quality Material: Made of ABS and silicone, providing durability and comfort during use.
  • Detachable Massage Claws: 12 massage claws covering the head in 360°, simple to install and transport, without pulling your hair.
  • Smart Remote Control: Allows you to turn on/off, change modes and adjust intensity with ease.

Ease of use:

  • Long Battery Life: With a built-in 500mAh lithium battery, charging time is only 1 hour, providing up to 240 minutes of continuous use.
  • USB charging: Practical and easy to charge with the included USB cable.

Customizable Treatment Modes:

  1. Mode 1: Gentle Massage – For light relaxation and circulation stimulation.
  2. Mode 2: Moderate Massage – For a more intense massage and tension break.
  3. Mode 3: Deep Massage – For deep relaxation and pain relief.
  4. Mode 4: Magnetic Physiotherapy – To relieve headaches and improve sleep quality.
  5. Mode 5: Infrared Therapy – To reduce hair loss and improve scalp health.
  6. Mode 6: Combination of Massage and Physiotherapy – For a complete relaxation and well-being treatment.

Proven Benefits:

  • Stimulation of Blood Circulation: Promotes scalp health and hair growth.
  • Stress and Fatigue Relief: Relaxes the mind and relieves tension headaches. Helps improve sleep and reduce anxiety.
  • Improved Sleep Quality: Magnetic and infrared physiotherapy promotes anti-hair loss.
  • Reduced Hair Loss: Strengthens hair follicles and promotes a healthy environment for hair growth.

Product Specifications:

  • Material: ABS + Silicone
  • Color white
  • Voltage: 3.7V
  • Power: 5W
  • Massage Modes: 6 modes
  • Massage Intensity: 3 high levels
  • Battery Capacity: 500mAh
  • Charging Time: 1 hour
  • Usage Time: Up to 4 hours

Package Includes:

  • 1 Octopus Claw Scalp Massager
  • 12 Detachable Massage Claws
  • 1 Remote Control (CR2025 battery installed)
  • 1 USB Charging Cable
  • 1 Instruction Manual in English

Warnings and Precautions:

  • Proper Storage: Store the massager in a ventilated and dry place after use.
  • Be Careful with Pressure: Avoid applying excessive pressure to the product.
  • Handle with care: Avoid turning on the device while charging and disconnect the USB cable carefully.
  • Safe Cleaning: Turn off the device before cleaning. Use a damp cloth and dry with a towel or air. Do not immerse in water.

Invest in Excellence:

Don't miss the opportunity to revolutionize your hair care and relaxation routine with the Octopus Claw Scalp Massager by UniBARBA. With cutting-edge technology and ergonomic design, you will have a healthier and more relaxed scalp quickly, safely and efficiently. Explore our collection of 100% natural essential oils now and complement your hair treatment. Discover the difference!

100% Satisfaction GUARANTEED or your money back.

Personal Opinion about the Product:

We tried the UniBARBA Octopus Claw Scalp Massager and the results are impressive. This product really delivers what it promises. The combination of massage, magnetic and infrared physiotherapy is extremely effective, providing relaxation and improving scalp health. The remote control function is an incredible advantage, allowing access to settings in a simple and convenient way. I loved the practicality of being light and easy to use anywhere. Perfect for those looking for a complete and practical solution for relaxation and hair care. Tested, loved and totally approved!

Transform Your Hair Routine with the Octopus Claw Scalp Massager by UniBARBA

Don't miss the opportunity to experience the most advanced technology in hair treatment and relaxation. Get the UniBARBA Octopus Claw Scalp Massager today and start your journey to healthier, more relaxed and beautiful scalp skin. Your hair deserves the best.

UniBARBA: Where Price and Innovation Meet Excellence!

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