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Boti Sandalwood Shaving Cream and Soap by UniBARBA

Boti Sandalwood Shaving Cream and Soap by UniBARBA

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General information:

Explore Tradition and Elegance with UniBARBA Boti Sandalwood Shaving Cream or Soap

Handcrafted with artisanal care and high-quality ingredients, UniBARBA Boti Sandalwood Shaving Cream and Soap is a unique experience in men's grooming. Available in cream and soap, this product is enriched with sandalwood extract, xia oil and butter, providing a smooth and invigorating glide of the blade. Discover the luxury of a traditional shave with Boti Sandalwood Shaving Cream.

Innovative Features:

Artisan Formula: Each batch of these shaving supplies is carefully prepared by hand, ensuring exceptional quality and a premium shaving experience.

Deep Hydration: Enriched with xia oil and butter, this cream provides intense hydration to the skin, leaving it soft and smooth after shaving.

Sophisticated Aroma: Sandalwood extract adds a touch of elegance and masculinity to the aroma of this shaving cream, creating a unique sensorial experience.

Product Specifications:

  • Net Weight: 100g
  • Available in: Shaving Cream and Shaving Soap


  • Sandalwood Extract
  • Xia Oil
  • Karite butter

Package Includes:

2x UniBARBA Sandalwood Shaving Cream - (200g)

2x UniBARBA Sandalwood Shaving Soap - (200g)

1x Shaving Cream + 1 x Shaving Soap - (200g)

Personal Opinion about the Product:

UniBARBA Boti Sandalwood Shaving Cream offers a truly luxurious shaving experience. Its artisanal formula and high-quality ingredients guarantee a smooth and comfortable shave, while the sophisticated aroma of sandalwood envelops the senses. I recommend this product to all men looking for a traditional shave with a touch of elegance.

Enjoy a Smooth and Invigorating Shave with Boti Sandalwood Shaving Cream from UniBARBA, where price and innovation meet excellence!

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