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DualEdge Blades from UniBARBA - 100/50/30 pcs Swedish Stainless Steel Razor Blades (For Double Edge Razor or Folding Knife)

DualEdge Blades from UniBARBA - 100/50/30 pcs Swedish Stainless Steel Razor Blades (For Double Edge Razor or Folding Knife)

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General information:

Product Description: Transform Your Shaving Experience with UniBARBA's DualEdge Blades (Matgicol) and (FlyDear) – Unmatched Precision, Durability and Comfort!

At UniBarba , we consider that every detail is important when it comes to personal care. We present two models of highly durable stainless steel razor blades in our UniBARBA store.

They were developed to offer the best cutting precision experience, focused on comfort and specifics.

On one side we have the DualEdge Blades - Matgicol model: combining advanced Swedish technology, high quality materials and an elegant design:

On the other hand, we have the stainless steel razors of the DualEdge Blades - FlyBear model to rival: a more economical option, but still of high quality:

Why choose UniBARBA DualEdge Blades (Matgicol)?

1. Superior Quality and Durability:

    • Made from high quality stainless steel sourced from Sweden, these blades are light, thin and extremely sharp. They offer exceptional resistance to rust and durability that guarantee a perfect shave for much longer.

2. Exceptional Sharpness and Comfort:

    • UniBARBA's DualEdge Blades (Matgicol) are extremely sharp and smooth, providing a comfortable and precise shave. Create a clean, effortless cut, minimizing skin irritation and cuts.
    • UniBARBA's DualEdge Blades (FlyDear) equally meet expectations and what they propose, check them out below:

3. Incredible Longevity:

      • Maintaining sharpness and innovations for many shaves, these blades are economical and practical, ideal for those looking for quality and efficiency. Platinum stainless steel takes much longer to rust and remains in better condition, as well as resisting humid conditions.

4. Unbeatable Versatility:

    • Universal and Compatible with all different razors, brands and blade holders, such as UniBARBA's DualEdge Blades (Matgicol) and (FlyDear) easily adapt to your shaving preferences, offering flexibility and convenience.

5. Economical and Practical Packages:

    • Each size L economy pack contains 100 blades, divided into sets of 5 blades in each box, ensuring you have a long-lasting supply that is always ready to use.

Product Specifications:

  • Small Package Includes:
    • 30 pcs Dual Edge Blades (S.Matgicol) or (S.FlyBear) from UniBARBA

  • Medium Package Includes:
    • 50 pcs DualEdge Blades (M.Matgicol) or (M.FlyBear) from UniBARBA

  • Large Package Includes:
    • 100 pcs DualEdge Blades (G.Matgicol) or (G.FlyBear) from UniBARBA, the most Economical
  • (The Blade Holder is not included, you can find it in the UniBARBA store, under the name " DualEdge Blades Manual Blade Holder ". Check it out and enjoy the low prices!)

Additional Details:

  • Safety First:
    • To ensure safety, keep a blade securely locked within the safety walls and the cutter in the correct position. Keep out of the reach of children. It is recommended that you discard the blade after use.


Transition: 1cm = 10mm = 0.39 inches

Allow 0.1cm = 0.01mm error due to manual measurement.

Case cores may vary due to differences in printers.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us – we are always here to help!

Invest in the Excellence of the UniBarba store:

Don't miss the opportunity to transform your shaving routine. UniBARBA's DualEdge Blades (Matgicol) and (FlyBear) are the definitive choice for those looking for precision, comfort and durability. Secure your package today and experience the best in personal care!

Personal opinion:

"We tested the DualEdge Blades razor blades of both models (Matgicol) and (FlyBear) from UniBarba and we can see! Without a big difference in terms of effectiveness and material between both models, the big difference being the aesthetics. The sharpness and comfort is unmatched. Every shave is smooth, precise and irritation-free. Furthermore, the durability of these blades is surprising – they remain sharp for many uses without rusting.

100% Satisfaction GUARANTEED or we'll refund your money.

The videos (gif) above refer to the product that was tested by ourselves (I will always find a (gif) of the tested articles here in the UniBARBA store):

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