About Us


UniBARBA aims to be the reference company in the area of ​​hair care in Portugal, recognized as the one that best meets the needs of its customers.

A company that defines itself as a business partner for its clients with dynamism and proactivity, supports the hair beauty, cosmetics, barbershops and hairdressers sector in Portugal, with professional quality products, low prices and personalized service.

This is the philosophy of UniBARBA, which since 2024 has made available to consumers all the best in cosmetics, hairdressing items, accessories and aesthetics, innovative technology in hair care.


  • Old School BarberShop & Tattoo (Algés and Paço de Arcos)

- Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/p/Old-School-BarberShop-Tattoo-100063691626690/

  • Ricky Barber Shop (Amadora)

- Website: https://www.rickybarbershop.com/

  • Anastratulat BeautyCare (Amadora)

- Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/anastratulat_beautycare/

  • Antonia Santos Beauty (Amateur)

- https://guiaempresas.pt/salao-de-beleza/amadora/antonia-santos-beauty/


• Valuing people - Our focus is on ensuring the satisfaction of our customers, employees and business partners, as we recognize their importance for the functioning of our company.
• Quality and trust - We are a Portuguese company that works with reputable and highly qualified brands in the market. At UniBARBA we focus on always delivering the best prices and quality to the consumer.
• Innovation - We work to offer customers the most innovative products and technologies on the market in a capillary sense.
• Social responsibility - We carry out our activities always keeping in mind the society around us.