Common questions

How long does UniBARBA take to deliver the goods?
Our customers can receive their goods in 3 to 60 days, depending on several factors.

Shipping time varies due to the following reasons:

  • Type of transport
    The shipping method that UniBARBA chooses to receive goods influences delivery time as follows:
  1. Common untracked shipments from UniBARBA take approximately 20 to 60 days.
  2. Certified shipments (UniBARBA Standard Shipping) with tracking may take approximately 10-45 days.
  • Vacation
    Holidays here at UniBARBA are full of people placing orders on the platform, creating a to-do list. Additionally, the Postal Service may slow down or change its services for a specific time to accommodate holiday celebrations. This may cause shipping delays for a few hours or up to several weeks depending on the backlog of wholesale orders.

  • Country of origin
    The goods are stored in warehouses in the buyers' countries or close to their states or cities, and it may take around 3 to 7 days for UniBARBA to deliver them.

  • Supplier Delays
    Suppliers can become overwhelmed with multiple orders, delaying processing for a few hours to several days. Therefore, UniBARBA Shipping may take longer to deliver goods to buyers if suppliers have a lot to deal with.

  • Popular use of UniBARBA around the world
    Countries with widespread use of UniBARBA shipping facilitate suppliers within their borders, thus allowing faster delivery of goods. As UniBARBA is common among carriers, there are connections and systems established to speed up the delivery of items to their intended destinations. So suppliers in Spain, Italy, France, USA etc. It only takes a few hours or days to receive your bulk orders.

  • Destiny country
    It may take up to 60 days for UniBARBA to deliver goods to buyers, but the time may be more or less. The delivery time in the destination country is influenced by the flow of foreign orders in that state for UniBARBA.

    Here is a breakdown of UniBARBA shipping to various countries:

- European Union - How much is the estimated delivery time for Portugal, Spain, Germany, Italy, France, Switzerland, etc?
Shipping goods throughout Europe takes between 10 and 60 days.

- The USA - Estimated delivery time for goods to the USA?
Shipping goods to the US takes 15 to 60 days.

- South Africa - How long does it take to ship items to South Africa?
It can take UniBARBA 9 to 59 days to deliver goods to a buyer in South Africa.

- United Kingdom - Estimated delivery time for goods shipped to the United Kingdom?
UniBARBA can take 7-40 days to ship items to the UK.

- Australia - How long does it take to ship goods to Australia?
It can take anywhere from 8 to 51 days for a wholesaler in Australia to receive your products.

- Singapore - UniBARBA's estimated delivery time for goods shipped to Singapore?
Shipping to Singapore requires a delivery time of approximately 6 to 38 days.

  • Conclusion
    Using UniBARBA is a viable option for buyers to receive their goods from abroad. UniBARBA can ship items from its warehouses or suppliers' warehouses. The estimated delivery time of goods depends on several factors.

    How can I check the status of my order at UniBARBA?
    Customers can know the status of their orders at UniBARBA by tracking them using the package tracking numbers. They can track their shipments on the app or website to locate them while they are in transit.

    Why can't I track my order at UniBARBA?
    It is not possible to track UniBARBA orders with a value of less than 5 Euros. These orders are shipped by mail and therefore are not assigned tracking numbers. Those with tracking numbers show movement within borders, but once out of the country, it is impossible to track them.

    What is “processing” at UniBARBA?
    “Processing” at UniBARBA is the time a supplier can take to prepare an order for shipping. This happens after someone pays for an order and the platform confirms it. The period depends on the size of the shipment, the time of year or the supplier's busyness.

    What do I do if my UniBARBA order is delayed?
    Contact UniBARBA to determine why the package was in transit for too long. When the supplier does not send the package to the customer, UniBARBA automatically reimburses the customer using the same payment method used to pay for the goods.

    My order at UniBARBA is taking a long time, can I cancel the order?
    You cannot cancel an order from UniBARBA unless the supplier has not shipped the package to them. The only window to cancel an order is within the first few minutes after payment, before UniBARBA verifies the payment. If payment has already been verified, you cannot cancel an order.

    Do UniBARBA orders arrive at home?
    UniBARBA orders may arrive at the customer's doorstep unless the customer chooses to receive them at a designated collection point.

    What happens if no one is home?
    The transport company that handles customer orders in a given country determines their delivery from the post office. The customer can schedule with the company to deliver at a specific time when they are at home. If someone is at home, the customer can ask them to sign for the delivery on their behalf.

    Will UniBARBA notify me when my order has been delivered?
    UniBARBA does not notify users when their orders are being delivered. It is your responsibility to track and review status changes to your orders.