Collection: Hair Aromatherapy - Essential Oils and 100% Natural Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo by UniBARBA

Hair aromatherapy

It consists of using essential and vegetable oils as a complementary method in numerous treatments. As you may already know, essential oils cause different effects, which makes them ideal for everything from stress and anxiety to scalp conditions.

In addition to using ozone vapor, as mentioned above, essential oils can also be added to products such as shampoos and conditioners and applied directly to the scalp. However, it is essential that the base products are neutral.

The consequences vary depending on the oil used. In hair therapy, the main options are:

  • Rosemary : stimulates blood circulation;
  • Mint : helps control microorganisms on the scalp, combating dandruff;
  • Lavender : helps in cases of seborrheic dermatitis and other types of flaking and itchy scalp;
  • Bergamot : controls excessive oiliness in oily hair.

It is also important to mention that the actions of each oil are independent of the application method, that is, both the inclusion in the ozone vapor and the mixture in the base products will bring results.